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vCore is an instant deployable Micro LTE network solution suitable for rapid depolyment of Tactical LTE networks.

Virtualnetccom’sfully Virtualized vCore (LTE Core & IMS network) offering revolutionized the industry - Miniaturized the entire LTE Communications suite onto a 4x4” Hardware Platform.

vCore system can be deployed in less than 3 minutes just by power on.
No complicated maneuvers and configurations involved.

  • All IP based-3GPP LTE
  • Includes LTE EPC, HSS, PCRF, & IMS (VoLTE)
  • Full Network Management include with every vCore
  • Remote monitoring and management capability over satellite or low bandwidth backhaul
  • Available on smallest form factor- size of a credit card to Intel NUC Platform
  • Hardware Independent-Fully Virtualized
  • True Private Network-Create your own SIM cards, Encryption Keys
  • Works with standard 4G LTE phones such as Samsung 4S

  • Fully Virtualized -vCoreEdge Cloud
  • 3GPP Rel. 10, Roadmap to Rel. 12 & 13
  • Full Featured-Components: MME, S GW, PGW, HSS, PCRF& Fully integrated management EMS
  • Full Suite of IMS Integrated -optional virtual component
  • 100 to 10k Users on VNC MICRO Hardware Platform & up to 300K on Server Platform –With Multiple VMs -Solution scalable to Million users
  • Supports Multiple eNBs
  • Supports 3GPP interfaces S1-MME, S1-u, S6a, S13, S11, S5, S10, S3/S4 and more
  • Runs on Battery power
  • Interoperate with major OEM eNBs-LTE radio base stations.

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