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Rapid Autonomous Instant Deployable

RAID™ is a stand alone fully functional LTE wireless communication network in a backpack for tactical, emergency & Instant deployment scenarios. RAID™ combines all of the key elements of an LTE Broadband Communications network into a single system using latest technological advancements such as Virtualization, System on a Chip and VNC’s secret sauce.

Integrated with easy to use Local Management interface using industry standard laptop/tablet & sophisticated remote proxy configuration/management functionalities to manage external users.


  •   Ultra Compact , Rapid Deployable LTE Wireless Comms Backpack
  •   VNC’s Instant deployable backpack provides Broadband Data, Voice & Video Services
  •   Light weight, portable, easy to carry, self contained and battery operated
  •   Tested with flyway Satellite Manpack backhaul


  •   First Responder Communication.
  •   Emergency Cell on Wheels alternative.
  •   Rapid Deployment in Remote Areas or for Diaster Relief.
  •   Tactical Military Communications.
  •   Private Networks-Temporary and/or fixed.

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