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vCore is an instant deployable Micro LTE network solution suitable for rapid depolyment of Tactical LTE networks.

vCore system can be deployed in less than 3 minutes just by power on. No complicated maneuvers and configurations involved.

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Green Cell - HP

Virtual Net Com’s Greencell radio architecture combining latest virtualization techniques and System on a Chip Technology-bring the best LTE small cell technology! Enabling Multi-Band, Multi-Operator LTE small cells for Neutral Host deployment scenario’s.

3GPP LTE eNB, full featured, Industry’s most powerful & power efficient LTE small Cell. Light weight, Indoor & Outdoor Models available. Designed for backpack, vehicle mount, wall mount & pole mount deployments.

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RAID™ NG-2 Direct Access Response Terminal

RAID™ is a stand alone fully functional LTE wireless communication network in a backpack for tactical, emergency & Instant deployment scenarios.RAID™ combines all of the key elements of an LTE Broadband Communications network into a single system using latest technological advancements such as Virtualization, System on a Chip and VNC’s secret sauce.

Integrated with easy to use Local Management interface using industry standard laptop/tablet & sophisticated remote proxy configuration/management functionalities to manage external users.

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VirtualNetCom’s Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Brings the best Fixed Broadband LTE solutions for customers and service providers.

Full featured with better spectrum efficiency and Outdoor units comes with IP67 rating.

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VNC Low Altitude & High Altitude Airborne LTE Comms Solutions are designed to stay longer durations in the air and provides comprehensive LTE network coverage.

One Platform can cover vast area equivalent to coverage provided by several Terrestrial Cell Towers.

VNC Micro Comnet is a complete Airborne LTE network with Virtualized LTE EPC (Evolved Packet Core) + eNB Radio + Application software + Backhaul Radio – Complete LTE Network hosted on the Airborne Platform. We Use advanced network function virtualization.

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