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Emergency Services

Instant Aerial Deployables – under development

VNC Low Altitude & High Altitude Airborne LTE Comms Solutions are designed to stay longer durations in the air and provides comprehensive LTE network coverage.

One Platform can cover vast area equivalent to coverage provided by several Terrestrial Cell Towers.

VNC Micro Comnet is a complete Airborne LTE network with Virtualized LTE EPC (Evolved Packet Core) + eNB Radio + Application software + Backhaul – Complete LTE Network hosted on the Airborne Platform. We Use advanced network function virtualization.

Virtualnetcom & Nemergent Successfully completed interoperability with VNC's Rapid Deployable solution(BackPack). Virtualnetcom incorporates mission critical push to talk solution from Nemergent Solutions.

Key Features – Advantages

  •   Integrated IMS with VoLTE enables Voice & Video calls.
  •   Developed to meet mission critical comms requirements – Provides Airborne coverage with 2 Watt Transmit Power (EIRP)
  •   AC Powered Tether system for Unlimited flight times, Push button operation – anyone can fly – Backup battery for Emergency landing.
  •   Can be mounted to a vehicle, “follow me” mode available.
  •   Low Altitude Multi-rotor systems with Tethered power, provides longer duration flights up to 500 ft. (Models vary).
  •   Technology enable superfast 4G wireless broadband to underserved communities at the fraction of the cost of traditional vendor equipment.
  •   Rapidly deployable in compact form factor.
  •   Optimized for small LTE Private networks using virtualization.
  •   Full featured LTE EPC with HSS/PCRF – Localized Communications
  •   MICRO EPC can connect to multiple radio base stations to create a Mesh and increase coverage area

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