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Virtualized Multioperator Neutral Host

Multi-Operator with vCore

Overlay next generation services such as “High Speed Data, Carrier grade Voice & Video calling, Broadcast/Multicast Video-Multi media services” onto existing Cable infrastructure

Key Features - Advantages

  •   Upto 6 Operators with multiple frequency bands.
  •   HT with Layer2/3 processing and provides traffic separation and routing to appropriate operator based on the Operator Network ID
  • Following options of LTE operation:

  •   Direct S1 traffic routing to operator with S1 IPSec security
  •   6a Authentication proxy to the Operator Authentication systems
  •   Separate Sgi interface to Operator Packet Data Network (PDN)
  •   Best effort & Internet Traffic Offloading at the Building - Huge CAPEX & OPEX savings on Operator Backhaul
  •   Utilize existing infrastructure – Ethernet Cable, Power , Racks etc.
  •   Backhaul to Carrier EPC – No Changes.
  •   Feature rich Next Generation Greencell requires little power (18W Typical (250 mw version) per band.
  •   Excellent Quality of Experience due to Local Traffic Routing & Offloading – all with a fraction of the cost.

vCore Architecture Multi-Operator/Enterprise Support

Key Functions

  •   Demand Assigned vCore - On demand creation of LTE Network Components and Scaling.
  •   Network Components can be switched ON/OFF or Proxy based on the demand and requirement.
  •   Multi Operator fully virtualized LTE Core Solution.
  •   Operator secure Traffic and Network separation - Priorities and policies can be applied.
  •   Comply with 3GPP standards.
  •   3GPP Rel. 10 with Rel. 11 & 12 features.
  •   Complete LTE Core virtualized – MME, S-GW, P-GW, HSS, PCRF, OCS, OFCS & IMS.
  •   One VM LTE Network Core Instance for single Operator scenario - Dynamic Capacity Scaling.
  •   Hardware Platform Agnostic.
  •   Local Authentication - Multi Tenant Proxy to AAA.
  •   Best effort Traffic offload at the edge.

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