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Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks

The demand for wireless continues to grow at an exponential rate. The cost and complexity of deploying traditional wireless networks & small cells is too high. The number of devices seeking edge access has increased far beyond expectations. Adding more spectrum helps, but the only real solution is more small cells – Micro Networks & Pushing the network intelligence to the Edge.

There are a number of under-served “wireless” market opportunities

  •   Maximize the value of existing cable assets – Cost effectively overlay 4G LTE on existing cable TV architecture.
  •   Enterprise & Private Networks – Rapid Deployment / Local Traffic Offload /Greater Network Integration & Local Control.

VNC Solutions - Key Advantages

  •   Greencells provide cost effective edge access
  •   vCore at the edge provides economical small call deployment, substantially reduced backhaul demand, significant latency reduction and new revenue opportunities.
  •   System-on-a-Chip (SoC) based LTE small cells; smaller, less power, lower cost.
  •   Radically alter the business case for small cells deployment.
  •   Multiband/Multi-operator.
  •   Demand assigned virtualized “shared” LTE Core significantly reduces cost.
  •   Edge-centric LTE Broadband solution.
  •   Expanding the network reach and scale.
  •   VNC address the Capacity and Coverage problem by moving network intelligence to the edge..

Use Cases

Seamless Existing Vendor Integration

vCore Deployment Model for Regional Operator

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